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Flemington Enters Into Shared Services Agreement with the City Lambertville in Search for Business Administrator

The Borough of Flemington Common Council voted to enter into a preliminary agreement with the City of Lambertville with the goal of sharing a Business Administrator (BA) between the two municipalities. Lambertville will act as the lead agency in the search, selection, and employment of the BA and this new shared services, as they are also taking the larger share of the financial responsibilities for the position.

The solicitation of applicants will begin shortly, through the services of the Canning Group, LLC of Morristown, NJ.

After several months of discussion about the need to standardize procedures and plan more long term, a BA will be key in the overall improved management and de-politicization of borough services, in pursuit of efficiencies, sustainability and stronger financial leadership.

Mayor Driver said, “This shared service of a Business Administrator will allow the Borough to better serve residents as they conduct their borough business. Having an experienced professional will lead to better efficiencies, financial stability, and cost-cutting measures as we seek to recover from the economic downturn wrought by the COVID-19 public health emergency. I’m looking forward to partnering with Mayor Fahl and their new BA on professionalizing the business side of Flemington Borough.”

Sharing a BA will allow the citizens of Flemington Borough to have a more centralized point of contact and also lead to savings for services the Borough provides on a daily basis. The Borough Council looks forward to what they hope will be a long-term solution towards providing more services to the residents and stakeholders in town.