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38 Park Avenue
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New Trash Guidelines Start This Week

Flemington Borough’s contract with a new trash hauler, LMR Disposal, begins this week, and some changes are in store for residents:
  1. Bulk Items will no longer be picked up weekly. Please do not put any bulk items out. Information will follow about quarterly bulk pickup days.
  2. Thursday is still garbage day. Residents should continue to put their trash out in garbage bags or cans. New wheeled garbage totes and recycling totes are being ordered but until they are delivered to you, please continue to use the disposal method you’ve been using.
  3. Recycling will move to alternate Fridays. The first recycling pickup will be July 9. Again, please continue to use the recycling method you’ve been using until your new recycling tote is delivered.
  4. LMR will pick up one side of the street at a time. They will not go down the middle of the road grabbing garbage from both sides.
  5. Please be patient while LMR sets the most efficient route to grab trash. This may take a few weeks. Have your trash out at the curb before 7 a.m. on Thursdays, in case they come by your address early.