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Flemington Master Plan Survey

FLEMINGTON - The Flemington Planning Board is adopting a new Master Plan this year that will address land use, zoning and economic development policies.

Building on recent work from the Flemington Community Partnership, and with substantial support from the Hunterdon County Economic Development Grant, the Board is seeking additional input from members of the public.

“Municipalities are required to regularly review their comprehensive plans to ensure that they reflect current conditions and progress made on our shared goals,” noted Jeffrey Doshna AICP, the Board’s current Chairperson and director of the Planning & Community Development Programs at Temple University. Delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board is hoping to adopt its new Master Plan by the end of the year.

Over the past several years, substantial community input has been gathered through a number grant-funded projects. The Planning Board will utilize all of the findings from the work led by the Flemington Community Partnership (FCP).Additional community input, in areas not covered in those surveys and focus groups, is sought to further help guide the recommendations in the Master Plan.

Borough residents and business owners have several opportunities over the next few months to participate.  First, the Planning Board has released a short survey, which will be open until November 10th, to gather input. You can click on the following links for the survey, both in ENGLISH and in SPANISH, or you can scan the following QR codes:

     English survey link 

     Spanish survey link

In addition to the survey, a community input session for the Master Plan will be held at the November 22nd Planning Board Meeting. The public is encouraged to attend the meeting – in person or virtually using the Zoom link on the Borough website – and learn about the survey results and make comments on how zoning, land use, and economic development in the Borough can be improved.

“We want to hear from all of our Borough stakeholders – homeowners, renters, and business owners – to ensure that our Master Plan reflects our community’s vision for the future,” added Doshna.

On December 13th, the Planning Board will hold its formal public hearing on the draft Master Plan. The public is also encouraged to attend the meeting – in person or virtually  – to learn about the draft Master Plan and make comments.