Monday - Friday
8:30 - 4:30


38 Park Avenue
Flemington, NJ, 08822

Commission Members

Trent Levitt
Member, Term Expires 2024

Jessica Hand
Member, Term Expires 2023

Freddy Mejia
Member, Term Expires 2023

Chris Runion - Chair
Member, Term Expires 2025

John Kearney
Member, Term Expires 2025

Milissa Swingle
Alternate #1, Term Expires 2024

Jae Hoff
Alternate #2, Term Expires 2023

Mayor Marcia A. Karrow
Council Liason, Term Expires 2023

Environmental Commission Information

The Flemington Borough Environmental Commission was established by Ordinance No. 2008-2 and adopted on February 25, 2008. The Environmental Commission shall have the authority outlined in N.J.S.A. 40:56A-1 et seq., specifically the authority to study and make recommendations concerning open space preservation, water resources management, air pollution control, solid waste management, noise control, soil and landscape protection, environmental appearance, and the protection of environmentally sensitive features such as freshwater wetlands, floodplains, and threatened/endangered flora and fauna.

The Environmental Commission may provide comment to the Flemington Planning Board on any plans and programs for inclusion in a municipal Master Plan and also make recommendations about the development and use of such areas. The Environmental Commission is charged with maintaining a Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) of all environmental sensitive lands within the Borough in order to obtain information on the proper use of such areas. A copy of the NRI is available for download here: Natural Resource Inventory. The Commission is also active in providing our community with educational information on topics which affect our environment, and welcomes community suggestions or opinions on related subjects.


Flemington Borough is smoke free and tobacco free.